1. What if change was more than another event in your life? What if change was working with you to assist in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awakening?
  2. What if change was something that started deep within you, rather than something that happened to you?

  3. Merl Will-Wallace explores these questions and much more about working with change as a personal growth process in your life. Don’t miss another chance to have change be a driving force in your personal awakening to your real self. Check out Merl’s new book today at Amazon.com and find your path forward in an ever-changing life.

  4. Available in Paperback or Kindle e-book



What you will get from coaching and counseling with Merl

  1.     An understanding of the process for effectively

      managing change.

  1.     Assistance in understanding and clarifying the

      three phases of change.

  1.     Assistance in developing a personal plan for

      successfully managing change.

  1.     Assistance in overcoming obstacles that 

      keep us from accepting change.

”Change is always a positive event in our life, no matter how it initially appears to us. It is our responsibility to release what no longer serves us, understand how we will be changed by the process, and to emerge stronger, wiser and more flexible to all of life’s challenges.” Merl Will-Wallace

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Coaching & Counseling Services for Positive Change

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