Anew Counseling Services can assist you in successfully managing the change and transition process. There are a variety of support systems from individual counseling to support groups. Here is a brief list of how we can help.

Individual Counseling - Merl is available by appointment to work with you on specific change and transition issues going on in your life. Individual sessions are specifically tailored to your needs and progress in the transition process. The goal is to assist in understanding where you are in the the three step process of transition and to help you work through all three phases for successful transformation. To schedule an appointment please call Merl at 719-445-8653 or email Merl at

Presentations & Seminars - Merl provides presentations and seminars on transition management to social, business, educational and spiritual groups. Presentations provide a general overview of transition and an outline of the process. The length can vary from 30 to 90 minutes. Seminars provide detailed information on the how-to of transition management. Seminars are either a half day or full day in length. To discuss the potential of a presentation or seminar with Merl please call 719-445-8653 or email

Support Groups - Merl facilitates the creation of self-sufficient, support groups dealing with transition. This is an excellent way to get and give the support needed to successfully navigate transition. To find out more about available support groups please call 719-445-8653 or email


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Merl is available for Internet Sessions via Skype or telephone.

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Coaching & Counseling Services for Positive Change

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