Awakening in Change

About the Book

 Change is not something we master, but we can learn to work with change to understand its meaning in our life and to awaken to our true self. In Awakening in Change Merl Will-Wallace provides a detailed guide to working with change to find meaning and purpose in what change is trying to teach us. He provides a tool kit for inquiring into the deeper messages that change brings to the present moment so that we may see clearly the path forward that our Soul seeks to take us. Change can then be seen as a way to discover our true nature of being and a catalyst for our personal evolution and awakening. All change can then be seen as a blessing, even if it is difficult and disruptive to our lives.

Awakening in Change is divided into three sections. The first section details the key tools that assist us in working with change. The second section discusses the change process and the importance of making sure we work through the three stages of change. The third section provides many examples on how change has affected the lives of many individuals, as well as the author. Throughout the book Mr. Will-Wallace presents a variety of real-life case studies that bring to life how you can recognize and work with change professionally, personally and spiritually. This book is a must for these rapidly changing times. 

Where to Get the Book

A hard copy of Awakening in Change is available at the store in the Haven Spa for $15.00. 

An electronic version of Awakening in Change can be purchased through Amazon at the link below.

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Awakening in Change Workbook

A companion workbook for Awakening in Change is in the final draft and review. It will be available for purchase in the fall of 2019.