Overview of the Change & Transition Process

Understanding Change & Transition


Change - one or more external events that alter how we think, feel and act. Change requires we look at and alter our way of interacting with life. Change is an opportunity, even if it seems to be a threat. How we react to change directly effects how much joy or suffering we experience in the change process.

Transition - an internal shift in how we perceive ourself. Significant changes will always lead to a re-evaluation of who we really are. This causes a mental and emotional internal shift. In transition it is essential the old is released and the new is created with passion and enthusiasm.

Key Areas for Change & Transition

Work - a change or loss of job, a decision to  change professions or retire.
Relationships - a loss or change in personal relationships; divorce, death, conflict.
Health - an acute or chronic health issue or a desire to move to a more healthy lifestyle.
Abundance - a change in our financial position that requires us to explore what is wealth and how we create it for the good of all. 

Understanding the Change & Transition Process

Change and transition requires us to move from our comfort zone into the unknown. It is easy to respond with fear and resistance. Understanding the positive steps to managing the change and transition process is critical to overcoming fear and resistance, making the process easier and less painful. There are three phases to successful change and transition:

Saying Goodbye - with change we become aware of areas of conflict and resistance. We have the opportunity to see what beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us and to simply let go.
Exploring the Present - change pulls us into the present moment. The present can be very uncomfortable until we come to see the truth about our life that it offers. In the acceptance of the truth we are open to insights and intuition.
Moving On - from the insights of the present we can vision and plan for the future.

It is from this point that we create a new life.